Get Involved: Legacy Planning Get Involved: Legacy Planning


Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 to go out to the nations and make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey his commands.

A legacy plan ensures that your resources are utilized to fulfill this calling beyond your lifetime.

Worldwide, we are seeing whole communities transformed through strategic education in Bible, ministry, and community development centered on the hope of Jesus.

A legacy plan is an eternal impact that starts today. It ensures that your resources will continue to be utilized in such a way as to spread the Gospel and lift communities out of poverty beyond your lifetime.

Partnering with us, your legacy will be one of a nation changer.

If you are wanting to include the Nation-2-Nation Ministries in your will or trust, our team is here to provide the pertinent information you need about the ministry.

We want to thank you for your continued support as we impact the world together!

Interested in including N2N in your will or trust?

Please email gro.seirtsinimn2n@ecnanif or call (956) 507-4108

The Impact you could have

Each N2NCU school leads to:

320 people led to
Christ each year
10 new
334 families brought
out of poverty
60 children saved from
premature death