A Heart for Discipling the Nations

Financial Vision

Nation-2-Nation is mission-driven. For every person who works and volunteers in this ministry, it's not just a job or just another volunteer opportunity. It's a true passion. We hope that passion is expressed in the work we do. We hope that it is also seen in how we use the resources that God provides through the generous support of Nation-2-Nation's donors.

The inspiration for Nation-2-Nation's financial strategy is the parable of The Ten Minas in Luke 19. Our goal is to always use the ministry's finances where they are most strategic and effective in achieving the mission and vision God has given us and where they generate the greatest return of souls saved for His Kingdom by equipping every Christian to reach the lost for Christ.

Financial Goals

Broadly speaking, Nation-2-Nation's expenditures can be broken down into three categories:

Program Services: These are funds spent to directly achieve the ministry's mission. This category includes funds spent to build the N2NCU curriculum, translate it into new languages, start schools around the world, and help fund training in the poorest regions of the planet.

Administration and Oversight: These are expenses associated with the operation and oversight of a non-profit organization. It includes funds spent on legal compliance, financial services, bookkeeping and accounting, and payroll services.

Fundraising: These are funds spent on fundraising and donor communication. These expenses include newsletters and mailings, fundraising-related travel, and this website.

According to Charity Navigator, a reputable nonprofit should spend 25-35% or less on fundraising and administrative costs combined.

Over the last five years (2018-2022), N2N has spent an average of 86% of all funds directly on Program Services. And, on average, only 14% has been spent on overhead expenses.

Our long-term goal is to consistently spend at least 80% of ministry funds directly on Program Services

Fundraising expenditures were 5.88% of all spending in 2022

Financial Reporting

Tax-exempt organizations, like Nation-2-Nation, must file IRS Form 990 to provide the IRS with the information required by law under section 6033. In general, all information an organization reports on or with its Form 990, including schedules and attachments, must be available for public inspection from the IRS and upon request to the organization itself at its principal office. For more information, please visit

Recent Form 990s, by year:

Note: Nation-2-Nation was founded as WIN Ministries in 2005. In 2022, the WIN Ministries Board of Directors voted unanimously to change the name of the ministry to Nation-2-Nation. Therefore, all 990s filed before 2022 will be under the name of WIN Ministries.

The Impact you could have

Each N2NCU school leads to:

320 people led to
Christ each year
10 new
334 families brought
out of poverty
60 children saved from
premature death