Business Creation: Education for Future Entrepreneurs Business Creation: Education for Future Entrepreneurs

Across the majority of the world, job creation remains the most important way to help people thrive because, in these communities, jobs are scarce. Worsening the situation is the prevailing mindset that to start a business, one has failed at everything else in life.

Most church members have never been taught the significance they have in the marketplace for the Kingdom of God. They are often seen as lesser Christians.

But the truth is that they have the opportunity to reach more people with the love of Christ than any pastor can do alone. The church can and should be at the center of transformation within the marketplace.

Overcoming poverty is about overcoming mindset. And education is the beginning.

    The Outcome

    Our business courses teach the church how to promote business as an evangelistic calling, build successful businesses, and end corruption in the marketplace.

    Believers are empowered to get involved in the marketplace, taking up careers in education, politics, and business. They come to realize that they are the church beyond the four walls–that their mission is carried out Monday through Saturday. Purpose is reinstated in the Body of Christ.

    Purpose is reinstated in the Body of Christ.

People come to Christ as they experience the love of Jesus through these believers who walk out their faith every single day. And, above all, the church stands as a pillar in the community–the center of job creation.

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Widows in Kakuma Refugee Camp with their sewing machine

Stories from our students


“This school has transformed me into a businessman that is not self-centered or self-seeking whose interest has become the prosperity and wellbeing of others. That is why I have reduced the price of milk from my farms so that I can also help the children in my community whose families do not have a lot of money. We are able to share the Word of God with others in our community that we had neglected for a long time.”


“This school has put more women in the marketplace in my community than many governmental programs have because they have seen for themselves that the Word of God is not against women working or being prosperous. Many are involved in large scale agriculture, others are in ministry, and some have opened small shops.”

The Impact you could have

Each N2NCU school leads to:

320 people led to
Christ each year
10 new
334 families brought
out of poverty
60 children saved from
premature death