Family Healing: A Christ-Centered Model for the Home Family Healing: A Christ-Centered Model for the Home

For the past decade, worldwide, there has been an upward trend in divorce, fatherless homes, and poverty rates. Growing up in these environments, children and teens often face hunger, higher rates of dropping out of school, and greater probabilities of turning to drugs and alcohol.

Families find themselves stuck in damaging cycles caused by societal norms and lack of a biblical foundation for family life.

This is the reality we are working to change.

Change begins in the hearts of the fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, brought about by education. As each participant lives out their role in the home, the love of Jesus transforms entire families.

    The Outcome

    Because of Bible-based courses on marriage, family, and counseling, the church functions powerfully in the community as they reclaim the home for Christ.

    We are seeing families come together like never before as fathers and mothers are taught biblical principles for the home and learn to work together peacefully and joyfully.

    Fathers are intimately involved in home life. Mothers are respected, cared for, and protected. In these homes, children and teens are excelling in school, attending church, and studying the Bible.

Each family shines the love of God with big smiles that spread throughout their churches and communities.

Help bring family healing.

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Stories from our students


“Before I attended N2NCU, I didn’t know how to express my love to my wife and children. I thank God for teaching me how. They now know for sure that I care for them and sincerely love them by the way I speak to them, pray for them, and spend quality time with them.”


“As newlyweds, the principles we learned from these courses became the foundation for building our family. Our home is peaceful because we work together and talk about every issue.”

The Impact you could have

Each N2NCU school leads to:

320 people led to
Christ each year
10 new
334 families brought
out of poverty
60 children saved from
premature death