Foundational Discipleship: Practical Tools for Everyday Ministry Foundational Discipleship: Practical Tools for Everyday Ministry

One of the greatest hindrances to sustainable church growth is the lack of foundational discipleship. Across the developing world, churches are growing at exponential rates. Pastors find themselves unable to keep up with the need for discipleship within their congregations.

We are seeing an increased number of believers who have not been taught how to grasp who God is, how to understand His Word, and how to carry out the Great Commission.

Education begins with the pastors and church leaders. But we believe that every single Christian should be equipped with practical tools for every-day ministry.

When the whole church is trained, they become powerful instruments for the Kingdom of God.

    The Outcome

    Our courses are designed to equip every single believer for the work God has called them to do. Pastors are able to use their training, and the video courses themselves, to create a discipleship program for their churches.

    Through strategic education that focuses on Christ, believers are finding answers to their questions and the training they need to excel in life. They are stepping out in faith as they seek to live for God. They are building up the next generation of Christ-followers who understand the Word of God and obey His commands.

Carrying out the Great Commission has moved from being only the “pastor’s job” to being the mission of every Christian within the church.

Help carry out the Great Commission.

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Stories from our students


“I can sincerely admit to the fact that my life before N2NCU was self-centered, and I did not care that much about my community, but now I am living a different life of love and care for others. I visit them when they are sick or when they are in any difficult situation. Preaching the gospel has become very easy, and many in my community are giving their lives to the Lord because they have tasted the love of God through me.”


“This school has given me a heart for people who are hurting, weak, and suffering. I visit the elderly in my community. This has blessed my soul, and my joy is complete. I know how to serve God and how to live for Him. I have also learned how to help people encounter the Savior. I have seen them crying, laughing, and being set free. I had never seen this before I attended this school.”

The Impact you could have

Each N2NCU school leads to:

320 people led to
Christ each year
10 new
334 families brought
out of poverty
60 children saved from
premature death